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About Gondkar Group

Gondkar Group: Formation and Proportion

Right from its inception in 1986, the esteemed Gondkar Group is one of Shirdi’s leading multiple businesses at and around prime locations in front of Sai temple and nearly 130 employee bases.
Community Builder, Entrepreneurial and Enriching Lives are the core tenets that continue to solidify Gondkar Group’s leadership in key growth sectors including Hotels and cuisine Restaurants, Parking Provisions for numerous vehicles of Sai devotees, Hospitality, Leisure and Amusement Industry etc. and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Gondkar Group has achieved a special concern and prominence in the hearts of international and national Sai devotees, testifying to its innovation and capabilities to balance financial performance with social and environmental responsibilities. In 2014, Gondkar Group’s “The Temple View Hotel” was ranked within the Top Seller list of various online booking portals viz.,,, etc. and named Shirdi's #1 Hotel of the Year by online consulting firms.

Gondkar Group is currently listed on the Maharashtra State Tourism Corporation’s Index for its consistent demonstration of socially responsible business practices based on well-defined environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Gondkar Group is committed to grow its business chains as evidenced in the master-planned The Temple View Hotel located at Shirdi. Integrity and Excellence are the core values that continue to guide Gondkar Group’s business practices.

The Temple View - About Us

Gondkar Group - Brief Profile

Launched in 1986 with some typical businesses, today Gondkar Group is leading Hotel and Hospitality business group in Shirdi (India) which is at the forefront of the religious place; also known as ‘Sai Abode’, a god who is worshipped by the numerous devotees in the world. The group has invested and marching significantly in advanced Hotel Industry and the allied networks viz. Leisure and Amusement Industry. In the past five years alone, Gondkar Group’s capital expenditure has exceeded at considerable level in the Shirdi city. In pursuit of our vision to lead the Hospitality, new cuisine world to our customers, and our mission to make our customers' lives a whole lot brighter, we leverage the talent of our employees to offer innovative services and a quality customer experience. We recognize the value of diversity within a group with a solid organizational culture.

Working with integrity, we value our relationships with the communities in which we work, our customers and employees, our shareholders and the media, governments and regulators, as well as suppliers and business and industry partners. We recognize the importance of these stakeholders, among others, in the sustainability of our business. Gondkar Group’s head office is in Shirdi, India, where the Group is listed among the top five of its kind by the Trip Advisor under the code “Top Ranked Service Providers”, concerning ‘The Temple View’, which is one of our finest Hotel providing five star amenities.

Gondkar Group has number of hospitality services in Shirdi as ‘The Temple View Hotel’, FoodLand, Hotel Sai Amrut- a restaurant which is famous for its special taste! The Group also desires to enter in new business ventures as Wind Mills & Solar energy productions in India. Gondkar Group champions its businesses in three key areas namely Hotel Management, Services and Leisure industry. Moreover, Gondkar Group’s C.A.R.E. (Community, Aid, Reach-out, and Enrichment) projects that continues to generate a positive and far-reaching impact on the nation and the people.





The Temple View Hotel is the mostnearest luxurious hotel providing fourstar amenities to the esteemed Saidevotees and its regular customers. TheHotel is running successfully and it’s themega-project of group. It is the onlyfully integrated Hotel near Sai Temple.The Hotel has multiple components viz.the Sai Murli Complex and tied-up byseveral online booking portals operatingall over the world.

  • Shirdi's first Building equipped with grand parking lot for 400 vehicles at a time.
  • 43 Luxurious rooms (400 Sq. Ft) comprising deluxe suites with 24 x 7 room service facility.
  • 10,00,000 Sq. Ft. of world-class facilities.
  • 10,00,000 footfalls a year.


  • Hospitality
  • Service provisions
  • Food & Cuisine
  • Leisure
  • Parking Amenity
  • Commercial Property
  • Fire Safety
  • Smoke Detectors


This Temple View’s Restaurant servesdelicious food dishes made in its stateof-artkitchen through experiencedchefs. It’s a multi-cuisine restaurantwhere people can get what they want. Itspecializes in- Maharashtriy, SouthIndian, North Indian, Gujarathi &Rajasthani cuisines with wellmaintainedhygiene. The restaurant isimportant economic driver of theGondkar Group. An epitome ofsustainable development principled upon world class cuisine services.

  • An icon of tasty food
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant
  • Restaurant Managed by the famous food king Shetty's Swatik Group.
  • State-of-art kitchen.
  • Experienced chefs.
  • Hygiene is excellently maintained.
  • 12,00,000 footfalls a year.


  • Restaurant
  • Food & Cuisine
  • Hotel
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure
  • Commercial spot
  • Property


Temple View offers an ultramodernparking area with capacity of 700vehicles along with the 24 x 7 CCTVsecurities to care the vehicles. Equippedwith Smoke detectors, Fire alarms, Fireextinguishers; Centralized Music Systemadds the comfort in Temple View’s halt.Separate Driver’s lobby and dormitoriesare available with sleeping amenities.

  • Grand Parking lot
  • Capacity: 400 vehicles
  • CCTV 24 x 7
  • Built in Smoke Detectors
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Parking Ratio: 90,000 vehicles a year


  • Restaurant
  • Food & Cuisine
  • Hotel
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure
  • Commercial spot
  • Property


The Temple View Hotel is the part ofGrand Project i.e. Sai Amrut MurliComplex. Having 180 shops along withthe four wings, Gondkar Group owns 65shops around the Main Building ofHotel.

  • 18 shops around the MainBuilding of Hotel
  • Each Shop comprises the area of220 Sq. Ft. & 14 Ft height
  • Potential for multiplebusinesses
  • Modern Electricity + backup Energy systems are available
  • CCTV 24 x 7


  • Modernised Complex
  • The Temple front
  • The Central Marketplace
  • Location: vicinity of the city
  • Free Public Toilets